How Long Do Water Heaters Last? Much Shorter Than it Could!

How Long Do Water Heaters Last? Much Shorter Than it Could! 1

How long do water heaters last is a very complex and difficult question to answer. We live in a society that increasingly understands the environmental issues we face, which is why we try to find various solutions in order to reduce our consumption of goods that have a short lifespan. However, overconsumption is present in…

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Rheem Water Heater : How To Easily Choose in 4 Steps

Rheem Water Heater

Choosing the right rheem water heater can be difficult. If you never shopped water heaters before, you have plenty of choice and options available for both residential and commercial applications. Rheem is one of the market leader in water heater sales thanks to almost 100 year in that industry.In addition to being a global leader…

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RV Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs? Fix It In 15 Minutes

Rv water smells like rotten eggs

Have you ever experienced rv water smells like rotten eggs? If yes, you are at the right place. We will explain what creates the smell and how to stop this reaction. You will be able to enjoy your RV without dealing with that rotten egg smell. Why Your RV Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs? If your…

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Cloudy Hot Water? Fix Air In Hot Water In 15 Minutes!

Air in hot water line

It has happened to all of us: We turn on the hot water, and water goes everywhere and the faucet makes strange sounds. Do you need a plumber that can cost hundreds of dollars? Having some air in the hot water line is a widespread issue all around the United States. People also describe this as…

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Water Softener Shower Head : 1 Better Alternative

Water Softener Shower Head : 1 Better Alternative 2

Ongoing exposure to hard water can reduce your shower head flow rate by up to 75%. While many homeowners turn to a water softener shower head, which can help, they may be missing out on an even better (and cheaper) alternative. Instead of dealing with the short-lived benefits of even the best water softener shower head,…

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Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve : 5 Things You Should Know

water heater pressure relief valve

If you’ve been having issues with your water heater recently, you might find that you’re paying high energy bills, not getting access to hot water when you want it, or your water pressure is low. This can be frustrating, but what’s the cause? You might be having a problem with the water heater pressure relief…

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Water Heater Leaking? How To Fix It In 5 Easy Steps

Water Heater Leaking

Signs your water heater is leaking and what to do about it. In the US, water leaks in the average home waste 10,000 gallons per year. Worse, 10% of US households have plumbing issues so bad they waste 32,850 gallons each year. So, if you’ve noticed your water heater leaking or dripping, it’s best to get to the…

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How to Drain a Water Heater – DIY 8 Easy Steps Guide

How to Drain a Water Heater - DIY 8 Easy Steps Guide 4

Water heaters come with a sizeable insulated tank to ensure constant water availability. However, although these appliances are supposed to heat the water and keep it hot for long, their energy efficiency declines with time, especially when not cleaned often. And this is mainly due to the build-up of sediment in the tank. Most manufacturers…

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RV Water Heater : 3 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About

RV maintenance

Just like your residential water heater, your RV water heater needs rust protection. This protection is normally provided by a magnesium anode already installed in the tank. However, this anode needs some maintenance. If you’re an RV owner, you should read the following blog post. Taking care of your rv water heater is essential to…

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10 Ways to Save Water at Home

10 Ways to Save Water at Home 7

Reducing the amount of water you use at home is not only better for the environment but also better on your pocket. Learn 10 ways to save water right here. Most people in the United States will never have to worry about running out of drinking water. The world has the same amount of water…

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Hot Water Temperature : Avoid Setting Your Water Too Hot

Hot Water Temperature : Avoid Setting Your Water Too Hot 8

If your hot water temperature is set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it takes three seconds to burn your skin serious enough to require surgery. Three seconds isn’t long at all. What’s more, The American Burn Association found that 41% of the homes they inspected were at unsafe levels capable of causing these types of significant burns to your skin. Imagine…

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How to Change Your Hot Water Heater Temperature In 6 Steps

How to Change Your Hot Water Heater Temperature In 6 Steps 9

Changing your hot water heater temperature is easy. However, before adjusting your hot water heater temperature, you should read our article : Hot Water Temperature: The Danger of Setting Your Water Heater Too Hot because if it’s set too high, it can cause severe burns. It it’s set too low, you can have some legionnaires…

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9 Simple Tips for Washing Hair in Hard Water

9 Simple Tips for Washing Hair in Hard Water 10

Have you ever washed your hands, only to feel as though they’re still slimy once all the soap is gone? When water contains a higher concentration of dissolved calcium, it reacts with the soap you use to form “soap scum.” Hard water can make everyday tasks like doing laundry or washing your hair that much…

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Environmental Impacts of Even the Best Water Heaters

Environmental Impacts of Even the Best Water Heaters 11

We all love hot water, but at what expense to the environment? Did you realize your water heater has a negative impact on the environment?  You don’t need to stop taking hot showers, but it’s a good idea to understand how the emissions from your water heater influence the world around you. Depending on the…

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No Hot Water? 8 Reasons Why And How To Fix It.

No Hot Water? 8 Reasons Why And How To Fix It. 12

You probably know that awful feeling when you enjoy a nice, long shower and suddenly you have no hot water. This is a common problem that plagues people much more frequently than you might think, and there can be several causes for this annoyance to occur. Read on to discover nine potential reasons why you’re…

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Hard Water Stains : 3 Easy Ways To Prevent It

Limescale on water outlet

Hard Water Stains Comes from Limescale In The Hot Water Lack of pressure in the faucets, whitish deposits (hard water stains) on the walls of your sink and water fixtures, ever wonder what the cause is? The origin of these inconveniences lies in one word: limescale. Depending on the region where you live, you may…

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Tests of Powered Anode Rod (ICCP System)

Water Heater during laboratory test of CORRO-PROTEC Anodes Rods

If you are visiting this page, it is certainly because you have discovered imposed current anodes or because you want to know more about cathodic protection. We frequently respond to erroneous information due to a lack of knowledge or due to the association with atmospheric corrosion, which is different from the corrosion in an area where…

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