Everything You Need To Know About Powered Titanium Anode Rod

Corro-Protec anode rod on top of a water heater

Water Heater Anode Rod : How To Double The Life of Your Water Heater!

Did you know that in North America, the average life span of residential water heaters is 8 to 12 years?…

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Rotten Egg smell in hot water

Sulfur Smell In Your Hot Water? Here’s 4 Amazing Ways To Fix It.

Sulfur Smell Within Water Heaters is a Widespread Issue Plumbing and water treatment companies are often faced with complaints pertaining…

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Plumber looking for problems on hot water tank

9 Reasons Why Your Hot Water Tank Isn’t Working

Your water heater is more important than you think We work so hard all day, so it’s only right to…

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