Tests of Powered Anode Rod (ICCP System)

Water Heater during laboratory test of CORRO-PROTEC Anodes Rods

If you are visiting this page, it is certainly because you have discovered imposed current anodes or because you want to know more about cathodic protection. We frequently respond to erroneous information due to a lack of knowledge or due to the association with atmospheric corrosion, which is different from the corrosion in an area where…

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Sulfur Smell In Hot Water? Here’s 4 Ways To Fix It.

Rotten Egg smell in hot water

Sulfur Smell In Hot Water is a Widespread Issue Plumbing and water treatment companies are often faced with complaints pertaining to bad odors emanating from the water heaters. These unpleasant smells are commonly described as ”water smells like rotten eggs” or ”sulfur smell in hot water”. The odor issues can cause numerous problems for the…

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