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The Best Titanium Powered Anode Rod for Water heater

This program is in the testing phase. So far, only 72 customers have received a promotional code.

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Referral Program Registration

  • The reference code can be found on the $ 10 discount cards you give to your friends.

Referral Program Rules

How the Program Works

To earn rewards for referring to CORRO-PROTEC, you'll need to join CORRO-PROTEC's Referral Program by providing your name, your referral code, a valid email address, and agreeing to the program Terms + Conditions. Then you can refer your friends by giving them the $10 discount code.


Rules for Referrers

  • You need to join CORRO-PROTEC's Referral Program by providing your name, your referral code, a valid email address, and agreeing to the program’s Terms + Conditions.
  • You must agree to only refer friends and family whom you have a personal relationship with.
  • A referred customer can only accept one referral. You cannot earn a reward for referring someone who has already claimed a referral offer from someone else.
  • You cannot refer yourself.
  • You can only use one $10 code per purchase.

Rules for Referees

  • You can only accept a referral from one person.
  • Claim your Encircled's Referral Program offer with your name and email address.
  • You must agree to accept program emails and accept the Program Terms + Conditions when claiming your offer.
  • After claiming your offer, you must use the unique code emailed to you in order to be eligible for a reward.
  • Your $20 discount is only applicable to orders of $100 or more before taxes and shipping fees, if applicable.

Referral Period Rules

  • Your friend or family member must not return their order within 90 days for you to receive a reward for the referral.