C-P 90-120 Gallons


20 Years Warranty

Tested in Laboratory

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90 Money Back Guarantee

Made in North America


CORRO-PROTEC 90 | 120 is specially designed for all models of electric and gas water heaters with capacities ranging from 90 to 120 gallons.

By forming a protective layer on the tank walls and at its weak points, the CORRO-PROTEC 90 | 120 provides the water heater with permanent protection against corrosion. The system thus guarantees prolonged protection regardless of the water condition.

In the box:
XL Corro-Protec anode
Current rectifier 15mA
Installation guide

Technical sheet:
Diameter of the nets: ¾ ”
Height of the nets: ¾ ”
Total length of the anode: 17 inches
Weight: 1.2 lbs


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