Anode Rod inside a Water heater
Stops Corrosion inside hot water tank


remove odors in hot water


reduce limescale accumulation in the water heater


fast and easy installation



Durante más de 12 años, el anódico Corro-Protec previene y detiene la corrosión dentro de los calentadores de agua.

Frequently Asked Questions

What People Are Saying

Our hot water from a new 50 gallon heater smelled like rotten eggs as soon as it was installed. We put up with for about 2 months until I found the Powered anode. It was easy to install and much to our great pleasure, the very next morning the smell was gone. I would recommend this product to anyone that has smelly hot water. 
-Robert H. Wilke
We had to replace a water heater. Once the new unit was in it took all of about a day for our well water combined with our softener to start creating a horrendous smell that we had never noticed before. This product is easy to install, I used an impact wrench to remove the old/new rod then installed this unit per the instructions. We flushed the tank and let it refill and reheat overnight and have not had the problem since. This item is worth the investment imho due to the fact that it may be able to be moved to another house should we move or if we have to replace this water heater down the line. We're glad we purchased this.
-Lonnie Shewman

Solo 24 horas después de la instalación, diría que el 99% de los olores de mi agua caliente han desaparecido. Probé los ánodos de aluminio y magnesio sin resultados positivos, fue suficiente con ducharme para que toda la casa sintiera los huevos podridos. Este producto bien vale la pena la inversión. ¡Lo recomiendo altamente! 


We just bought an older home and the water smelled awful! After you ran it for a few minutes it turned black. It’s city water so it wasn’t a well issue. After some research we decided we needed to replace the anode rod and flush the water heater, which looked brand new. We did this and put the Corro-Protec rod in and haven’t had a problem since. It took about a day for me to not notice the smell anymore. I’m not sure if there was some existing sediment or whatnot that needed to be flushed away, but this thing is amazing!!! Immediately improved the odor to barely noticeable! I should mention that. So glad we bought it. Highly recommend!!!


Soy bastante escéptico sobre las soluciones milagrosas, ya que he usado 4 ánodos en los últimos 3 años desde que compré una casa nueva con un pozo y un ablandador de agua. Como el ánodo de magnesio daba mal olor, decidí probar los ánodos de aluminio que duraban solo un año. La razón por la que compré este producto es que no tuve que mantener el calentador de agua a una temperatura muy alta para eliminar el olor. Acabo de instalar el ánodo CORRO-PROTEC hoy cuando mi agua comenzó a oler a azufre en la ducha después de otro cambio de ánodo y un tratamiento de peróxido hace un mes. No hice nada más que instalar el CORRO-PROTEC que, literalmente, tomó 10 minutos. 4 horas después, el olor casi había desaparecido.