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The Comprehensive Guide to Glass Lined Tanks

October 16, 2023
A water drop on top of a glass slab on a yellow background.

In the realm of storage solutions, glass lined tanks have emerged as a powerhouse, providing durability, resilience, and performance that few other types can match. Also known as glass lined steel tanks or glass lined water tanks, these storage vessels are known for their superior features and versatility.

An Introduction to Glass Lined Tanks

Crafted from a fusion of carbon steel and glass lining, glass lined tanks ingeniously combine the best of both worlds. The rugged strength of steel and the corrosion-resistance of glass lining culminate in a storage solution that performs well under diverse conditions. This unique fusion lends an edge to lined tanks over traditional storage tanks made of stainless steel or carbon steel.

Compliance with ISO 28765, the international standard for vitreous and porcelain enamels, reinforces the credibility of glass lining and guarantees its performance. The glass lining or vitrification process imparts these tanks the versatility to serve a range of applications, from potable water storage to hot water storage and wastewater treatment.

The Use of Glass Lined Tanks in Various Industries

Glass lined steel tanks are suitable for multiple industrial applications due to their robustness and resilience. In the realm of wastewater treatment, the corrosion-resistant nature of these tanks proves advantageous, allowing for safe and secure containment of waste materials. Moreover, their ability to withstand a variety of conditions makes them an ideal choice for bolted tank construction, a method involving individual steel panels bolted together to create a larger storage unit.

Besides wastewater management, glass lined tanks are a preferred choice for hot water storage, potable water storage, and even in the brewing and fermentation industries. The tanks’ glass fused to steel design ensures the stored materials are kept in optimal conditions, maintaining their quality and integrity.

The Inevitable Challenge: Corrosion

Despite the many advantages of glass lining, it’s important to note that no glass lining is entirely flawless. Over time, the occurrence of microscopic cracks or pinholes is common, leading to potential corrosion of the underlying steel. This poses a significant challenge as it undermines the tank’s durability and longevity.

Yet, there’s a solution to this predicament: Corro-Protec’s powered anode rods. These rods, engineered explicitly for lined tanks, can drastically extend your glass lined tank’s lifespan, offering effective protection against corrosion and negating the need for routine maintenance.

Corro-Protec Anode Rods: The Antidote to Corrosion

The working principle of Corro-Protec anode rods is quite simple yet effective. These rods release a small, controlled amount of current into the tank, neutralizing the electrochemical reactions that lead to corrosion. This innovative approach ensures your glass lined steel tank’s longevity, irrespective of its purpose or size.

Interestingly, these anode rods are suitable not only for glass lined water tanks but also for bolted tanks. By utilizing Corro-Protec anode rods, bolted tank structures, along with other types of glass lined steel tanks, can significantly increase their resilience and reliability.

Final Thoughts

When you need a storage solution for potable water, hot water, or wastewater treatment, lined tanks present a dependable choice. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that every storage vessel, even the robust glass lined steel tanks, can be prone to corrosion over time. Thanks to Corro-Protec powered anode rods, you can extend the lifespan of your tank, eliminate routine maintenance worries, and enjoy peace of mind.

In essence, the resilience and adaptability of glass lined tanks have made them a popular choice in various industries. While they are not entirely impervious to corrosion, with the right corrosion protection in the form of Corro-Protec anode rods, these tanks can promise you enduring performance and reliable service. So when it comes to choosing storage tanks, consider the glass lined steel option for their unparalleled performance and longevity.


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