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Corro-Protec: Innovating for a Sustainable Future with Water Heater Powered Anode Rods

A Remarkable Contribution to Reducing Material Waste

Each year, more than 8 million water heaters are replaced in North America alone, contributing to approximately 1 billion pounds of material waste. That’s the weight equivalent of 90,000 elephants! Corro-Protec’s anodes are currently protecting over 10,000,000 pounds of material across North America, significantly reducing potential waste.

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Powering Innovation with Sustainable Energy and Zero Water Use

Corro-Protec’s manufacturing plant operates predominantly on clean and renewable energy, with a whopping 99% of the energy used coming from sustainable sources. Additionally, the production of anodes at their Quebec plant uses zero liters of water, underlining their commitment to resource conservation.

Offsetting Carbon Footprint through reforestation

In 2019, Corro-Protec partnered with Eden Projects, committing to plant 5,000 trees per year in developing countries. This initiative not only contributes to carbon sequestration but also aids in combating deforestation and promoting biodiversity.

Towards a Greener Tomorrow: Corro-Protec’s Mission

Corro-Protec’s mission isn’t just about extending the life of water heaters with its powered anode rods, it’s also about creating a better, more sustainable world. The company continues to look for innovative ways to enhance its environmental contributions and, with the help of its customers, is making a significant and tangible difference in our collective journey towards a more sustainable future.