About Corro-Protec

Each Corro-Protec anode is handmade in Canada, which ensures a close monitoring of quality and allows us to constantly improve our products.

Our anodes are made from high quality materials, which allows us to offer a 20 year limited warranty!

Core Values


Closely linked to the success of our company, respect is at the heart of our philosophy. Being and feeling respected allows each member of our team to feel a sense of belonging, pride and the constant search for a pleasant working atmosphere.

Team Work

To achieve excellence, we build on the strengths of each of our members and work closely with each other. We leverage this experience, the insight, and the knowledge of our members and adopt industry best practices


Innovation is a guideline that guides the actions of each of our employees towards one and the same goal: to create the best possible product for our customers who are focused on sustainable development and respect for the environment.

Quality & Client Satisfaction

Because we are driven by the will to exceed goals and expectations, continuous improvement and adoption of best industry practices. We aim to become and remain a partner of choice for our clients.


Our mission is to manufacture and distribute innovative plumbing and water treatment products that focus on sustainable development and respect of the environment.


Become a world leader in the manufacture of innovative and environmentally friendly plumbing equipment.