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Powered Anode Rod

Powered anode rod for water heaters by Corro-Protec

How it works

Powered anode rods are a new generation of anode rod that is much more effective than existing sacrificial magnesium anode rods. The Corro-Protec Powered Anode Rod is a long-term protection solution that is disrupting the water heater and water treatment industries.

Our system uses a titanium anode and a current rectifier. When the rectifier is connected to the nearest outlet, the rod in the tank supplies a small amount of current into the water heater. This current completely stops the loss of energy from all metals inside the water heater, effectively stopping and preventing corrosion.

The same current is used to neutralize bacterias causing smelly water and reduces limescale accumulation as you can read in the following advantages section.

One last thing, powered anode doesn’t need any maintenance nor be changed over time.


Powered anode advantages & problems solve

Stop Tank Corrosion

Our Corro-Protec anode combined with electrical currents will provide added corrosion protection and increase the life of your hot water heaters. Our system provides a layer of permanent corrosion protection on the internal welds and weak points of the tank. This technology is recognized by corrosion specialists and has been laboratory tested.

24-Hour Sulfur Smell Elimination

No matter what causes the rotten egg smell in your water, the Corro-Protec Powered Anode Rod can solve this problem in just a few hours. Once the system is operational, the energy projected by the system will prevent these unpleasant smells for years to come!

Reduce Limescale Accumulation

Limescale deposits cause significant costs for the rehabilitation of water pipes and heating installations and are also responsible for significant energy losses. The energy sent by the Corro-Protec imposed current anode is used to destabilize the calcium molecule found within the water, which has the effect of preventing the chemical reaction that normally creates calcite.

Automatically Adapts

The Corro-Protec automatically adapts to the type of water present in your tank in order to offer you optimal protection. No matter if your water comes from the city or a well, our products will be able to protect your tank!

One-Time Quick and Easy Installation

This anode will be the last you ever buy. We’ve included step-by-step instructions to make it easier to replace your old water heater hex-head anode with our Corro-Protec with easy-to-follow directions for beginners. If you need help during installation, you can call us or email us.

WQA Lead-Free Certified

Thanks to our special titanium mixed metal oxide rod, the Corro-Protec anode is lead-free and received the gold seal by the Water Quality Association. We are proud to manufacture safe products both for your home and the environment.


Magnesium Anode Rod

Deteriorates over time

The magnesium anode rod will sacrifice itself, deteriorate over time, to protect the water heater.

Anode will corrode

Since corrosion always attacks weaker metals first, the magnesium anode will corrode until it is about 50% consumed. After that, the tank will start to rust and will last a couple years.

Reduces lifespan

Making water more aggressive, water softeners also reduce the life of the sacrificial anode rod.


Powered Anode Rod

Stops and prevents corrosion

Using current to stop and prevent corrosion, Corro-Protec relies on an infinite source of energy that will protect your investment for years to come.

No maintenance required

Thanks to laboratory testing over the years, each of our powered anode uses current for maximum and permanent protection, and doesn’t require any maintenance even if you also use a water softener.

Fits all water heater models

Our Corro-Protec residential water heater anode rod is specially designed for all models of electric, gas, propane, solar and hybrid water heater tank on the market.

Need Assistance?

Our technical support team created great step-by-step installation guides. They are also ready to answer all your questions and help you solve any problems you are experiencing.


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RV Anode Rod

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Commercial Anode Rod

Our commercial anode, always powered, is designed to permanently protect larger water heaters of +90 gallons. No maintenance required.