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Corro-Protec Warranty & Returns

20-Year Limited Warranty & 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Being transparent is important to us. That’s why you will find all the information regarding the CORRO-PROTEC 20-year limited warranty on this page.

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Experience the power of titanium! Our systems are not only designed to last over 20 years but are also guaranteed for that duration.


Claims are quick and hassle-free, taking just a few moments of your time.

a return

Not fully satisfied? No worries. Return within 90 days of the purchase date for a full refund.

Our Transparent Warranty

What’s covered ? Our commitment is to the integrity and functionality of the Corro-Protec Powered Anode system. We guarantee it against defects in material or workmanship when installed and operated as intended.

How Long Is the Warranty Valid ? For installations in single-family residences, we offer a complimentary 20-year Extended Warranty. This no-cost extension is our way of ensuring that you can enjoy long-term protection and support for your product without worry. By registering your product on our website within 90 days of purchase, you help us safeguard your warranty service for the future. This simple step guarantees that even if your original purchase documents are misplaced over the years, we can still verify and honor your warranty claim. If the product is not registered, the standard 5-year warranty remains in place.

Does Corro-Protec Warranty My Water Heater ? It’s simple logic : we only vouch for what we create. While we’re proud of Corro-Protec system’s top-tier quality, we can’t guarantee the entire water heater since we don’t manufacture it. Just as you wouldn’t warranty something you didn’t craft, neither can we. Our focus remains on ensuring our product excels in its role within your water heater. Water heaters, depending on their make and quality, might require other parts to be replaced over time, irrespective of our corrosion protection.

We focus on what we do best : preventing internal corrosion. However, maintenance on other components, unrelated to corrosion, might still be necessary.