Our Team

Learn more about our incredible team!

Andre V portrait



An entrepreneur for more than 40 years, André leads us to believe he’ll retire some time soon… one day… maybe.

Stéphane Veilleux portrait



As much as Stephane enjoys being a fixer, we  would much rather nothing break on the assembly line; that is why we've entrusted him with the testing of our products under development. All our answers start with his hands!

Vincent Veilleux portrait


Marketing Director

Having joined the team the minute he was off the school bench, he mainly takes care of the marketing and client services aspect of the company. By the looks of this page, we can assume he’s trying his best!

Sonia Nolette portrait


Accounting Specialist

She is the lucky person who deals with accounting... If you have billing problems, it's probably her fault!

Carole T portrait


Human Ressources Specialist

Taking care of all these wonderful people is her job! Seeing how fast CORRO-PROTEC is growing internationally, she’s got her work cut out for her!

Carl Tarini


Product Development Manager

We tried understanding how his head works ... Ideas, ideas, jokes, and more ideas ... You guessed it: we have plenty of ideas to work on and develop, and it’s all thanks to this guy!

Leandre Veilleux portrait


Manufacturing Specialist

Note to us: try not to put him in the same room as a Google Home. Vincent is no longer able to hear customers on the phone.

Marc-Olivier Pouliot portrait


Manufacturing Specialist - Quality Control

It's as they say: Never judge a book by it's cover. Despite his stern, serious look, don't just rely on that. He may be the one always raising the volume on those speakers....