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Everything You Need To Know About Powered Titanium Anode Rod

Rotten Egg smell in hot water

Sulfur Smell In Your Hot Water? Here’s 4 Ways To Fix It.

By Corro-Protec / December 5, 2018

Sulfur Smell Within Water Heaters is a Widespread Issue Plumbing and water treatment companies are often faced with complaints pertaining to bad odors emanating from the water heaters. These unpleasant smells are commonly compared to that of rotten eggs. The odor issues can cause numerous problems for the inhabitants, and often becomes a topic of…

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Limescale on water outlet

Hard Water: How to Remove and Prevent Limescale

By Corro-Protec / May 24, 2019

Scaling Can Become a Real Problem Lack of pressure in the faucets, whitish deposits on the walls of your sink and water fixtures, ever wonder what the cause is? The origin of these inconveniences lies in one word: limescale. Depending on the region where you live, you may be in contact with more or less…

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Water Heater during laboratory test of CORRO-PROTEC Anodes Rods

Tests of Powered Anode Rod (ICCP System)

By Corro-Protec / April 26, 2019

If you are visiting this page, it is certainly because you have discovered imposed current anodes or because you want to know more about cathodic protection. We frequently respond to erroneous information due to a lack of knowledge or due to the association with atmospheric corrosion, which is different from the corrosion in an area where…

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Corro-Protec anode rod on top of a water heater

Water Heater Anode Rod : How To Double The Life of Your Water Heater!

By Corro-Protec / April 8, 2019

Did you know that in North America, the average life span of residential water heaters is 8 to 12 years? Yet these reservoirs have the potential to last much longer. More than 8,000,000 water heaters are sent to the dump every year, which is an enormous amount; and we have the power to change that!…

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Plumber looking for problems on hot water tank

9 Reasons Why Your Hot Water Tank Isn’t Working

By Corro-Protec / October 23, 2018

Your water heater is more important than you think We work so hard all day, so it’s only right to go home and run a hot bath to wash off the day’s stench is our little slice of heaven. Some people prefer cold showers, others like it steaming hot, whatever your preference is if your…

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