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RV Anode Rod 5.00/5

Powered RV water heater anode rods to prevent corrosion and stop it inside the tank, get rid of sulfur smell and reduce limescale build-up. Extend the life of your water heater tank with a 20-year warranty replaceable anode rod.

Water heater brand and anode model
  • The 12V will run on your RV battery using very little current. This model is best for those who travel a lot or simply do not have access to a 120V outlet.
  • The 120V anode model works whether the RV is plugged into the outlet or the generator is running. It is the best option for those who almost always have full-time access to power.
  • Both power supply types work as efficiently as the other and as easy to install.
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RV powered anode rod

Advantages & Benefits

Get rid of sulfur / rotten egg smell in hot water within 24-hour by neutralizing the SRB (sulfur-reducing bacteria).

Provides a permanent corrosion protection for the internal part of your water heater to extend it life expectancy and avoid leaks.

Reduces limescale accumulation which will improve water heater efficiency and reduce energy costs related to heating the water since mineral residues aren’t accumulating.

Fits any Suburban, Mor-Flo and Atwood tank whether on your rv battery for the 12V model or the nearest outlet for the 120V model. Suburban and Mor-Flo have ¾” NPT thread while Atwood has ½”.

90-day money-back guarantee
20-year limited warranty

Box content

  • 1x Corro-Protec powered anode rod made of titanium for long-term durability and efficiency
  • 1x Power supply with 12-foot cord length
  • 1x 15-minute installation guide

Technical Details

RV anode
Manufacturer Corro-Protec
Part number 96390
Product Dimensions 10 x 2 x 2
Item Weight 0.5 Kg
Country of origin Canada
Rod material Titanium + Mixed Metal Oxide
Current requirement Regular 120v socket
Output voltage 12V
Output amperes 0.05A
NPT thread ¾”

Compare models

See what model is best for you

10 to 39 Gallon
40 to 89 Gallon
90 to 120 Gallon
Bradford White
For RV (Suburban)
Tank capacity
10 to 39 Gallon 10 to 39 Gallon
40 to 89 Gallon 40 to 89 Gallon
90 to 120 Gallon 90 to 120 Gallon
Bradford White 10 to 120 Gallon
For RV (Suburban)
10 to 39 Gallon 5 mA
40 to 89 Gallon 15 mA
90 to 120 Gallon 15 mA
Bradford White 15 mA
For RV (Suburban) 5 mA
Anode Rod size
10 to 39 Gallon Regular
40 to 89 Gallon Regular
90 to 120 Gallon X-Large
Bradford White Regular
For RV (Suburban) Regular
Fit Any Brand (except Bradford White)
10 to 39 Gallon
40 to 89 Gallon
90 to 120 Gallon
Bradford White
For RV (Suburban)
Fit Bradford White Hot Water Tank
10 to 39 Gallon
40 to 89 Gallon
90 to 120 Gallon
Bradford White
For RV (Suburban)
Works with all type of water (well water, city water, water softener, etc.)
10 to 39 Gallon
40 to 89 Gallon
90 to 120 Gallon
Bradford White
For RV (Suburban)



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    Our technical support team created great step-by-step installation guides. They are also ready to answer all your questions and help you solve any problems you are experiencing.

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