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Is Corro-Protec safe to use with a water softener?

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Absolutely, you can use the Corro-Protec powered anode rod with any water treatment system safely. No matter what type of water softener system you’re using, the Corro-Protec rod will adjust itself automatically to work effectively with your water.

Powered anode rod for water heater

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Residential Anode Rod

Corro-Protec’s anode rod for water heaters fits any residential tank on the market. Get the most durable and versatile anode available.

RV Anode Rod

Our RV’s powered anode rod fits all Suburban RV water heaters. Enjoy the power of our permanent corrosion protection and more.

Commercial Anode Rod

Our commercial anode, always powered, is designed to permanently protect larger water heaters of +90 gallons. No maintenance required.