Water Softener Shower Head : 2 Better Solutions

Water Softener Shower Head : 2 Better Solutions 1

Do You Really Need a Water Softener Shower Head ?

A water softener shower head is easy to install and cheap. However, this is not the better solution you can use to solve your hard water problems since the water softener shower head will only help reducing bad effects in your shower. We suggest you install a complete water softener system or simply install a powered anode rod inside your hot water tank to reduce it.

If you are looking to buy a water softener shower head, it’s because you are experiencing some issues with your hard water in your shower. However, hard water will cause problem everywhere in your home if you don’t do anything to fix it. Here is couple examples of problem you will have if you live with hard water .

Water Softener Shower Head : 2 Better Solutions 2

Trouble Washing Hair

Are you having dull or crunchy hair right after you take a long shower? If yes, this is a sign that you have hard water and you need to fix it. Washing hair in hard water is a commun problem and can be fixed une couple minutes. People often try to buy expensive hard water shampoo for their hair but you are only putting a band aid on the problem and this solution will be very expensive on the long run.

If your only problem with hard water is coming from your hot water, we suggest you install a powered anode rod. They are easy to install, cost around $140 and are guarantee for 20 year. Corro-Protec Powered anode rod will reduce the limescale buildup inside your hot water tank so it will be easier for you to wash your hair in the shower without needing to install a water softener shower head.

Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains are a widespread issue and are a pain to live with. Those stains are hard to clean and are coming back everyday. Those stains are created by the calcium in hard water and they are recognizable as chalky white residue that results from buildup of excess minerals present in hard water.

Sediment Accumulation Inside Your Water Heater

Sediment accumulation inside your water heater can create long term problems. If your tank is not heating as fast as it was when you first install it, it can be a sign there is a lot of sediment accumulation at the bottom of the tank. We suggest you drain the water heater every year to remove all sediment buildup and install a powered anode rod. This rod will prevent the calcium to become solid and create sediment buildup.

How Can I Fix My Hard Water ?

The only solution you have is to soften your water. This can be done by installing an house water softener, a water softener shower head or a powered anode rod. We will explain all difference, advantages and disadvantages of each solutions below.

Powered Anode Rod

A powered anode rod could be the best solution for you. It’s way cheaper than a water softener and easier to install. The energy supplied by the Corro-Protec is used to destabilize the calcium molecule found within the water, which has the effect of preventing the chemical reaction that normally creates calcite. In other words, the current prevents the calcium from becoming solid (calcite) and in the same time, reduce hard water stains.

Water Softener

The ultimate fix will be to install a water softener. Even if this solution will cost you up to $3000 it will last for many years and reduce problems all around your house.

water softener shower head

If you decide to buy a water softener shower head, make sure you buy a good product that will not require you to change a filter cartridge every couple months and reduce the water pressure. This solution is a good one if your only problem is with skin and hair in your shower.

This product is not a water filtration system and you should not consumer hot water from that shower head.

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  1. Avatar Ronald Dobranski on August 5, 2021 at 12:59 am

    My new anode has arrived and installed with no problems. In 30 minutes the rotten egg smell was gone. Like living in new house. Thankyou Corr-protec.

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