Rotten Egg Smell In Hot Water ? 

Causes of The Rotten Egg Smell in Hot Water and How to Fix it

Plumbing and water treatment companies are often faced with complaints pertaining to bad odors emanating from the water heaters. These unpleasant smells are commonly compared to that of rotten egg smell. The odor issues can cause numerous problems for the inhabitants, and often becomes a topic of conversation when guests are around. Rotten egg smell is a big issue all around North America.

Many plumbers do not know what to do to solve this problem and will turn to water treatment specialists who will suggest solutions that will cost you $ 2000 and more. Today, we present the optimal, most efficient, method to get rid of this Rotten Egg Smell.


What Causes The Rotten Egg Smell

Although there are several reasons why you have rotten egg smell in your hot water, the most common cause is the sulfur bacteria (SRB) in the hot water tank. They feed on sulfur and produce hydrogen sulfide gas as waste. When the gas dissolves in the water, it gives it that characteristic odor of spoiled eggs. Even if the smell is horrible, those bacteria are not dangerous for your health. 

Another common cause is the chemical reaction between your water which has high levels of magnesium content and the magnesium anode rod in the water heater tank. In some cases, the chemical reaction can be stopped by removing the anode rod. However, we don't recommend that since the water heater won't have any protection against corrosion. The water heater will corrode faster and cost you a lot of money when it starts leaking.

Stops Rotten Egg Smell in Hot Water

How to Stop The Rotten Egg Smell

No matter what causes this rotten egg smell in your water, the best thing to do is to replace the magnesium anode with a Corro-Protec anode.

The Corro-Protec anode will solve the rotten egg smell in just a few hours. When a Corro-Protec is installed, the current used by the rod to protect the tank automatically kill the bacteria that create the smell.

What is a Corro-Protec anode?

Corro-Protec has developed an impressed current anode for hot water tanks. Instead of using a sacrificial magnesium anode rod to protect the tank, the Corro-Protec anode is made from titanium and uses current to prevent corrosion.

That same current stops the rotten egg smell in your hot water by killing the SRB bacteria. If the smell is coming from a reaction with your magnesium anode rod, the Corro-Protec will stop the reaction with remaining magnesium sediment inside the water heater.

The Corro-Protec system includes a power supply (rectifier) and a titanium anode rod. Once the rectifier is plugged into a 110V outlet, the titanium anode sends energy into the tank, which completely stops corrosion, reduce hard water stains and stops the rotten egg smell.

Unlike the magnesium anode rod, the Corro-Protec rod is designed to last over 20 years and doesn't require any maintenance.

Corro-Protec Powered Anode Rod

What People Are Saying

Laura P.

Ohia, United States

” Our house was having the rotten egg smell in our hot water for some time after putting in a new hot water heater 9 months prior. After several attempts to shock our water and asking around for suggestions, we took to the internet and found this product on a YouTube demonstration.

Best $ we have ever spent. Anode rod was easy to install and smell was 90% gone immediately. Was completely gone by my morning shower so I was happy!!! “

Mitchell H.

Michigan, United States

” This is a great product at a good price. Replaced a standard anode rod that was in the house when I bought it and was only 3 years old. It was completely gone due to the water quality.

Installed this product and instantly the rotten egg smell was gone and I never need to worry about when to replace the rod. I had to tear up the top cover a bit to get it in but well worth the investment. Will purchase again for any water heater I own “

Yvan L.

Ontario, Canada

” Yes! The dreaded sulphur smell is gone. I did try an aluminum anode but was still getting the smell. I ran my old water heater without an anode for over two years until i got a blast of crap blocking my tub faucet valves and elected to buy a new tank and along with a Corro- Protec Anode.

So far so good and enjoying the green lighted comfort feeling furnace room now “

Marc D.

Florida, United States

” There was a slight odor in the original tank. I replaced the tank and all was good for awhile and then the odor came back with a vengeance.

This product started working immediately. The next morning there was no odor at all. “

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Other Causes of Rotten Egg Smell

Well Water

If your cold water smells like rotten, the problem is in your well. You need to call your local water treatment specialist to solve that problem.


Gas Leak 

If you are experiencing some rotten egg smell other than in your water, we suggest you contact your local health department or fire department since this could be a gas leak.



If the rotten egg smell is coming from your drain, it could come from your sewage or directly from that drain. We suggest you try cleaning the drain first. If the smell is still present after that, you should call a plumber.



Some southern parts of the United States have experienced a lot of hurricanes between 2001 and 2009. Those hurricanes created shortage in drywall and builders started importing some from China. However, those had some excessive amount on sulfur in it which can cause rotten eggs odor.