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Yvan L.

Ontario, Canada

” Yes! The dreaded sulphur smell is gone. I did try a aluminum anode but was still getting the smell. I ran my old water heater without a anode for over two years until i got a blast of crap blocking my tub faucet valves and elected to buy a new tank and along with a corro-protec anode.

So far so good and enjoying the green lighted comfort feeling furnace room now. “

Marc D.

Florida, United States

” There was a slight odor in the original tank. I replaced the tank and all was good for awhile and then the odor came back with a vengeance.

This product started working immediately. The next morning there was no odor at all. “

Laura P.

Ohia, United States

” Our house was having the rotten egg smell in our hot water for some time after putting in a new hot water heater 9 months prior. After several attempts to shock our water and asking around for suggestions, we took to the internet and found this product on a YouTube demonstration.

Best $ we have ever spent. Anode rod was easy to install and smell was 90% gone immediately. Was completely gone by my morning shower so I was happy!!! “

Mitchell H.

Michigan, United States

” This is a great product at a good price. Replaced a standard anode rod that was in the house when I bought it and was only 3 years old. It was completely gone due to the water quality.

Installed this product and instantly the sulfer smell was gone and I never need to worry about when to replace the rod. I had to tear up the top cover a bit to get it in but well worth the investment. Will purchase again for any water heater I own. “


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