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Are powered anode rods safe?

July 19, 2023

Our response

Yes, powered anode rods are safe for use in water heaters. Their design and operation principles are carefully formulated to ensure safety and effectiveness.

One concern that some people might have is the introduction of electrical current into the water. However, the amount of current used by powered anode rods is very minimal and safe. This small current is precisely what prevents the corrosive reaction that causes rusting in the water tank.

Additionally, unlike sacrificial anodes that deteriorate over time due to the electrochemical process, powered anodes do not decompose. This means there is no breakdown of material that could potentially affect the water quality or the safety of the system.

Furthermore, companies like Corro-Protec prioritize the safety of their products. They ensure stringent quality control during manufacturing and carry out continuous testing to guarantee the products meet and exceed safety standards. Thus, you can confidently use a Corro-Protec powered anode rod in your water heater, knowing it is safe and effective in protecting your tank from corrosion.


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