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How do you install the Corro-Protec on a Bradford White Water Heater?

Published and updated

Since Bradford White water heaters have the magnesium anode built into the hot water outlet, we need to do a few extra steps to install a powered anode rod. Please see following link : https://www.corroprotec.com/installation-guide/

The Corro-Protec Integrated Anode Rod is designed to fit most Bradford White* water heater will come with everything you need to install it in the hot water outlet where the original magnesium anode rod was installed.

*Bradford White is a registered trademark of Bradford White Corporation. Corro-Protec is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Bradford White Corporation.

Older Corro-Protec models for hot water outlet anodes required multiple fittings to assemble, unlike our new patent-pending one-piece Wye fitting. These older fittings cannot be used with a standard Corro-Protec in the hot water outlet port, as it will restrict water flow. For proper installation, you need our specialized hot water outlet Corro-Protec model.


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