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What is corrosion and how to stop it?

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Corrosion is a natural process that happens when two metals or alloys come into contact with each other.

Electrochemical reactions take place at the surface of the metals, and this can cause them to deteriorate and even break down over time. In some cases, corrosion can lead to dangerous situations if not addressed in a timely manner.

There are several ways to prevent corrosion from happening. In your water heater, Corro-Protec’s powered anode rod stops the corrosion process permanently.


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Water Heater Anode Rod

Corro-Protec’s anode rod for water heaters fits any residential tank on the market. Get the most durable and versatile anode available.

RV Anode Rod

Our RV powered anode rod fits all Suburban RV water heaters. Enjoy the power of our permanent corrosion protection and more.

Commercial Anode Rod

Our commercial anode, powered to, is designed to permanently protect larger water heaters of 90+ gallons. No maintenance required.