The difference is our greatest strength!

We went from words to action. Since June 2018, we are proud to have hired people with disabilities to help them develop their skills and know-how. Day after day, we have the chance to see them progress and to be proud of their achievements! In addition to making a difference to the environment, the Corro-Protec that you have installed in your home has improved someone's life.


David, who joined the team in July 2018, handles the packaging of products!

In addition to meeting new people, his work allows him to learn new things and interact with other employees and some customers. Every time a new order arrives, it looks at where the anodes will be sent. He is proud to know that every anode he takes the time to pack will travel a long distance to protect a tank somewhere in North America!


Christian started to work with us in July 2018. His main task is to start the assembly of the anodes.

Even if Christian is a reserved person, he likes talking about his previous jobs and this knowledge with animals. He is constantly teaching us new things he has seen on TV or heard in his family! He is certainly the most meticulous employee we have ever had!


We give more. By demanding less.

Liters of water used to make an anode at our plant in Quebec
pounds of material are protected by our anodes all over North America!
of the energy used by our manufacturing plant comes from a clean and renewable source of energy!

At the heart of our concerns, the environment represents a real challenge.

We believe that every gesture is important; That's why we decided to reduce our environmental footprint each year while offering a wide range of products focused on sustainable development and respect for our planet.


We make a difference wherever we go.

Relais pour la Vie de Plessisville édition 2018
Relay For Life (CNW Group/Insurance Bureau of Canada)

Plessisville, Québec (Canada)

The Corro-Protec team was present at the largest Relay for Life in North America to give more than 300 frozen snacks to walkers and $ 1 per snack was donated!

Logo du Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie


Carl Tarini proudly wore the Corro-Protec logo during his bike ride on the roads of Quebec!

Congratulations on this achievement!

Édition 2018 de Place à La Relève en Gestion à l'UQTR

The Corro-Protec team is proud to have sponsored one of the biggest collegiate competition in Quebec!

Hundreds of students from across the province are isolated for 3 hours to make a case resolution and present the results of their efforts to a jury!