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Corro-Protec RV Water Heater Anode Rod

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Our Corro-Protec RV anode rod is specially designed for RV Water Heaters.

By forming a protective layer on the tank welds and at its weak points, the Corro-Protec anode provides the RV water heater with permanent protection against corrosion. The system thus guarantees prolonged protection regardless of the water condition.


Stop Tank Corrosion

Our titanium rv water heater anode, combined with electrical current will provide added corrosion protection and increase the life of your hot water tank. Our Powered Anode Rod provides a layer of permanent corrosion protection on the internal welds and weak points of the tank. This technology is recognized by corrosion specialists and has been laboratory tested.


24-Hour Sulfur Smell Elimination

No matter what causes the odors of rotten eggs in your water, the Corro-Protec imposed current anode can solve this problem in just a few hours. Once the system is operational, the energy projected by the impressive current anode will prevent these unpleasant smells for years to come!


Reduce Limescale Accumulation

Limiting the limescale in your rv water heater can help reduce the risk of clogs, breakage, slow water output, damage, and even premature wear to ensure safety and efficiency.


Quick And Easy Installation

We’ve included step-by-step instructions to make it easier to replace your old water heater hex-head anode with our Corro-Protec with easy-to-follow directions for beginners.

3 reviews for Corro-Protec RV Water Heater Anode Rod

  1. Ralph

    Have a well and was always Distressed over the sulfur smell , especially on the hot water side. I checked numerous plumbers and even a water filtration system, costing $3k. After researching I gave this a shot. AMAZING, NO MORE smell. This product works, period!!
    Thank you!

  2. paul

    Noticed a major change within 4 hours. Not a trace of surfer smell after 24 hours. Fantastic product

  3. Steven Goodwin

    Full time RVer. Replaced standard magnesium anode rod every 6 to 8 months and flushed hot water tank. Anode rod would show about 40 to 50% deterioration. No problem until I set up in Tennessee on well-water. Double charcoal filters, could not get rid of sulfur smell from hot water. Removed anode rod to find after 2 months it was 90% deteriorated. Flushed the tank, installed my spare magnesium rod and started doing research. After countless hours I ran across the Coro-Protec anode rod made of titanium and 12v. Found one for RV application. So far, I could not be more satisfied. No more rotten egg smell,like they said, in 24 hours! By the way, the other magnesium rod I installed while doing my research, was 30% gone ( less than 2 months). Thanks for making this product! I will share this information with friends and family. Will be installing one in my water heater back home. Thanks again for a problem solved.

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