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Our Corro-Protec water heater anode rod is specially designed for all models of electric, propane and gas water heaters.

By forming a protective layer on the tank welds and at its weak points, the Corro-Protec anode provides the water heater with permanent protection against corrosion. The system thus guarantees prolonged protection regardless of the water condition.


Stops Corrosion Inside Hot Water Tank

Stop Tank Corrosion

Our titanium water heater anode, combined with electrical current will provide added corrosion protection and increase the life of your hot water tank. Our Powered Anode Rod provides a layer of permanent corrosion protection on the internal welds and weak points of the tank. This technology is recognized by corrosion specialists and has been laboratory tested.


Stops Rotten Egg Smell in Hot Water

24-Hour Sulfur Smell Elimination

No matter what causes the odors of rotten eggs in your water, the Corro-Protec imposed current anode can solve this problem in just a few hours. Once the system is operational, the energy projected by the impressive current anode will prevent these unpleasant smells for years to come!



reduce limescale accumulation in the water heater

Reduce Limescale Accumulation

Limiting the limescale in your hot water tank can help reduce the risk of clogs, breakage, slow water output, damage, and even premature wear to ensure safety and efficiency. This powered anode rod will also reduce hot water stains. 



check iconAutomatically Adapts

The Corro-Protec automatically adapts to the type of water present in your tank in order to offer you optimal protection. No matter if your water comes from the city or a well, our products will be able to protect your tank!



Fast and Easy InstallationQuick And Easy Installation

We’ve included step-by-step instructions to make it easier to replace your old water heater hex-head anode with our Corro-Protec with easy-to-follow directions for beginners. If you need help during installation, you can call us or email us. 




169 reviews for Corro-Protec Residential Anode Rod

  1. Mike McDermott

    We have bad iron and calcium. Got a new hot water tank with an aluminum/zinc anode. For a year it’s been fine. Suddenly starting getting smelly hot water. I replaced the anode but the smell came back in a few weeks. I bleached my hot water tank several times and each time the smell would be gone for a few weeks then come back. Finally decided to try this anode. So far zero smell. Easy to install. Highly recommend.

  2. Ed

    Bought one of these few months ago, had sulfer smell really bad for years no matter what I did to the tank (hot water tank) it always came back. Decided to try one of these due to reviews, definitely not disappointed. It can be a challenge getting the old anode out of some tanks, an impact wrench can be the answer, if not you’ll need a 3/4” breaker bar socket,and a piece of pipe 4’or 5’ long for a cheater bar. Be sure to use a wide ratchet strap at the top of tank (so you don’t dent the tank liner) and brace it so it doesn’t spin and break something loose, even if it is full of water it WILL spin. Drain tank after you get old anode out. Use s/s teflon tape 1st then T+2 thread sealant next and install new Corro-Protec. Make sure to remove all paint where ground screw goes or it won’t work. There you go, no more smelly water. Been months since I installed this and not a bit of smell, worked so well bought another for our other tank and got the same results. Everyone with sulfur smelling water needs one of these. Thanks Corro-Protec.

  3. Jeff Menz

    I just installed the Corroprotec anode in my Bradford White water heater yesterday, and the sulfur smell is already practically gone.
    If you are not super great with tools, this install may be difficult for you. And I would use plumbers putty in addition to the Teflon tape. I tried installing with just the tape and had a couple of leaks.
    Hopefully this product will last like advertised and keep the sulfur smell away, as well as protecting the integrity of the tank. But so far, very satisfied!

  4. Sandy Glazier

    We live on acreages with wells. Our neighbours bought 2 for their hot water tanks and when we complained to them about the smell in our water after some long-standing well issues were resolved they recommended we do that. We did and the smell was gone by the next day. The magnesium rods that are standard with most hot water tanks react with the iron in the water and iron bacteria causes the smell. Our cottage has just been rented out. Now the hot water tank in there is being used more the tenant has noticed that there is a smell so I am going to purchase one for that one. Very pleased with the product.

  5. Alain

    Fantastic product so far, and customer service was excellent. I would of liked to known the exact torque specific to not over tighten but regardless I got the job done and the odor is not present.

  6. Todd D

    Smell eliminated within hours of install. It worked for our problem and was easy to install. The most challenging was removing the integrated rod on Bradford-White water heater. Very impressed with this product, highly recommend. Ordered on Thursday, delivered on Friday and installed it Saturday.

  7. David Frost

    Seems to do the job of eliminating smells. We are running the hot water temperature a little hotter than previously, maybe five degrees.

  8. Chris Ellenberg

    This product was easy to install. A bit more difficult because I have a GE Geospring water heater. Otherwise no problem. Arrived next day and will hopefully provide many years of service and extend the life of my water heater. Mostly it is one and done!👍

  9. Mark Wondrash

    Was having problems with a 8 month old water heater, it started to have a bad odor after 2 months, drained it every month. Last 2 months with putting peroxide in it to clean it. Still didn’t helped till I bought this and installed it. The anode that was in it was already corroded really bad.

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