Rotten Egg Smell In Your Hot Water ? 

Causes of The Rotten Egg Smell in Hot Water and How to Fix it

水暖和水处理公司经常面临与以下方面有关的投诉: bad odors emanating from the 热水器。这些难闻的气味通常与 蛋臭味. The odor issues can cause numerous problems for the inhabitants, and often becomes a topic of conversation when guests are around. Many plumbers do not know what to do to solve this problem and will turn to water treatment specialists who will suggest solutions that will cost you $ 2000 and more. Today, we present the optimal, most efficient, method to get rid of this Rotten Egg Smell.


What Causes The Rotten Egg Smell

Although there are several reasons why you have 热水中有臭鸡蛋味, the most common cause is the 硫细菌 in the 热水箱. They feed on sulfur and produce 硫化氢气体 as waste. When the gas dissolves in the water, it gives it that characteristic odor of spoiled eggs.

Another less common cause is the chemical reaction between your water which has high levels of magnesium content and the 镁阳极 in the tank. In some cases, the chemical reaction can be stopped by removing the anode rod. However, we don't recommend that since the water heater won't have any protection against corrosion.


How to Stop The Rotten Egg Smell

不管是什么原因造成的 水中的鸡蛋臭味, the best thing to do is to replace the magnesium anode with a Corro-Protec阳极.

Corro-Protec anode will solve the 蛋臭味 in just a few hours. When a Corro-Protec is installed, the current used by the rod to protect the tank automatically kill the bacteria that create the smell.

What is a Corro-Protec anode?

Corro-Protec has developed an impressed current anode for hot water tanks. Instead of using a sacrificial magnesium anode rod to protect the tank, the Corro-Protec anode is made from titanium and uses current to prevent corrosion.

The Corro-Protec system includes a power supply (rectifier) and a titanium anode rod. Once the rectifier is plugged into a 110V outlet, the titanium anode sends energy into the tank, which completely stops corrosion, reduce 硬水渍 and stops the rotten egg smell.

Unlike the magnesium anode rod, the Corro-Protec rod is designed to last over 20 years and doesn't require any maintenance.



劳拉(Laura P.)


” 我们的房子正在 我们热水中的鸡蛋臭味 在9个月前放入新的热水炉一段时间后。经过几次尝试让我们震惊不已,并征求了建议,我们上网浏览并在YouTube演示中找到了该产品。

我们花过的最好的$。阳极棒易于安装且 闻到90%马上消失了。早上洗完澡后完全没了,所以我很开心!!! “



” 这是一个物美价廉的产品。替换了我购买时家里只有3岁的标准阳极棒。由于水质,它完全消失了。

安装此产品后,立即消失了蛋臭味 而且我不必担心何时更换杆。我不得不稍微撕掉顶盖才能装上它,但值得投资。 将再次购买我拥有的任何热水器 “



” 是!可怕的硫磺味消失了。 我确实尝试过铝制阳极,但仍闻到气味。我使用没有阳极的旧热水器运行了两年多,直到遇到一堆废话,堵塞了浴缸水龙头阀门并选择购买新的水箱和一个 CorroProtec阳极.

到目前为止,一切都很好 现在享受绿色照明的舒适感炉房 “



” 有一个 原始水箱中有轻微气味。我更换了战车,一切都好了一段时间,然后 气味回来了 复仇

该产品立即开始工作。 第二天早上完全没有气味. “